Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What the f**k, Roxy? #WhoAmIJustGuess

Have you seen the video Roxy released to promote the 2013 Roxy Pro Biarritz?  Here it is, if not:

Now, before I go on my rant and lose your attention because I'm rambling, here is the most important piece of this:

Cori Schumacher, one of the best surfers I have ever had the pleasure of being in the line-up with, wrote a great post and has started a petition that she is going to hand-deliver to Roxy to ask them to step up and be a responsible brand by discontinuing their objectification of women.  Please sign it if you agree.  And until Roxy can figure out whether they're going to promote sex or surfing, use your dollars to support independent surf brands instead.

Ok, now here's what I think:

I'll admit, it's pretty hot. It would be an awesome underwear, hair removal, self-tanner, "waking up in the digital world", or maybe even white button up shirt commercial.  But as a promo for women's surfing, this is a disgrace.

Where is the surfing? Why is she paddling out on a tiny board in non-existent waves where she would catch nothing? Why does she get dressed just before she takes a shower? What kind of surfer wastes water by showering just before getting into the ocean anyway?!

If you've already seen this, you've probably also seen the accompanying backlash, which makes me feel even more certain that female surfers deserve to be marketed/promoted for so much more than our sexy bods. If brands showcased the level of skill and athleticism in women's surfing today, that would be enough to get people to pay attention to their contest.  Hell, you could even add a little bit of sexiness to some real surfing just to be sure people would pay attention, and we probably wouldn't complain about it. But objectifying a woman like this supposedly to promote an sporting event sends the message that how you look rather than what you do is what matters.  Don't we get enough of that message already?

It's really sad because there aren't that many brands focused on women's surfing.  Those that do are in a unique position to use their marketing and brand to empower females and inspire us - especially the easily-influenced younger generation - rather than re-enforce the "how you look is most important" message we hear over and over and over again.

Shame on you Roxy. #RoxySucks

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Check me out in Brazil

OK, not really, but - my friend Ciro writes for a culture/design blog in Brazil and featured me on his post today! I'm a bit of a list-geek so the Top 5 part was really fun. 

Thanks Ciro!