'Tis the season Vol 1

 Above images from Goslar, Germany, Christmas market.

Window displays, Belgium & Holland

Now that it's December, we can all safely post holiday pictures on our blogs without being accused of celebrating too early or some other heinous crime.   It was so cool to be overseas for the holidays last year and learn about the different ways people celebrate. One of the most interesting traditions I learned about was rumtopf: in Germany (specifically in the Hartz mountains, I believe), they harvest their berries in the summer and put them in a big jar/crock. They add sugar and liquor to it (something like 90 proof vodka, or moonshine) throughout the summer months and let it ferment until Dec 1.  Then, they crack it open and add it to their gluwein all month long. It's delicious and such a fun thing to look forward to!


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