Chicken shop, Taroudant, Morocco

In Morocco, the villages have separate shops for everything - this is where you buy chicken (there are separate places to buy beef/goat, produce, nuts, etc).  The live chickens are in the back, and as soon as you tell them you need a chicken, they pull a dead one off the rack and head to the back room. Then you hear the struggle of dinner for a minute until it's been wrangled and killed, ready for the next customer.  Our chicken was still warm when we got it, that's how fresh it is. I took these pictures the first time I passed the shop, and then when we actually went to buy our own chicken, I didn't have my camera, so unfortunately, I don't have the pictures to show you exactly how it goes down. Plus, it would've been kinda weird to take them. It was intimidating being a woman with a camera in Morocco, especially in this town where no one spoke English (my French and Arabic are terrible...).  

Anyway - shopping for meat in Morocco was quite the experience.  I kinda wish it was like that here, it was very nice to actually see the source of my dinner.  It looked healthy, and had space to move around, and it made me much more mindful as I prepared and ate it.   I think we'd all be more thoughtful about what we ate if we saw where it truly came from.


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