Tree study, desert

Tree Studies is one of several projects in progress I keep coming back to. I don't have any highly-intellectual reasoning behind making these photographs (and I'd like to work on a more creative name); it's really just about shooting for the of my subject and photography. 

I do love trees. So simplistic, I know. They've provided air, shelter, nutrition and beauty to humans and so many earthly creatures since who knows how long.  The varieties and seasonality are visually fascinating to me. I have yet to geek out enough to tell you what kind of tree that is in the picture above...but look at it!

One of the goals I set for myself before my next birthday is to finally make a book of my work...something clean and simple for our home and my memories. If anyone else likes it and wants to own a copy - hooray! Anyway, I think Trees will be the common thread between the images in my book. I can't escape them, nor do I want to.


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