Portraits of People I Don't Know (Yet)

On my way to orientation, just outside Early Branch, SC
June 14, 2012 

My neighbor Charles, who walks laps around the block each and every night. He is originally from Bangalore and has lived in 4 houses on my street in the 25 years he's been here...including mine.
June 12, 2012 

Cyrus, on his way to the pawn shop. I thought his outfit was very nice; 
he is actively looking for work.
June 12, 2012

I saw the work of Josephine Dvorken just before I started my new job, and just after I moved here. Her beautiful photography reminded me how fun and interesting it is to photograph strangers, and I thought revisiting this type of work would be a perfect way for me to connect with my new hometown/state.   

I'm off to a very slow start but I'd really like to keep it up. The spontaneous interactions are wonderful.


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