A little over a year ago I took a few days to explore the desert outside San Diego.  I scanned them in shortly after the trip and then started down the crazy path that took me to Europe, Charleston, finally, I'm getting around to really thinking about/looking at them.  

The images above are a smattering of places I stopped along the route, quick and dirty scans to get them out in the world before something else distracts me.  I've realized that one of the major hold ups with my photography is being out of the darkroom. I spend all day at work in front of the computer so the last thing I want to do is sit in front of a monitor when I get home. Hence all the time I spend in the kitchen, sewing, or in restaurants/bars. I miss the darkness, the chemistry, being on my feet for 10 straight hours and forgetting to eat because I'm so engrossed in what I'm doing (probably the only thing in this universe that makes me forget about food).  But, I really have to move past this if I'm going to keep moving forward photographically.  I wonder how many color darkrooms even exist in this country (or this world?) anymore.  Anyway, the first step in overcoming a problem is identifying it, right?


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