New beginning

Some cookery related images to commemorate a new beginning - I start my new job today. I'm excited and a little nervous...but mostly excited. It's a bittersweet feeling to re-enter the workforce after being out since October (literally, my longest work-free stretch since I was 14).  

I feel like I should not mix work with my blog but I will just say it combines my passion for cooking with my off-the-chain web skills.  Score!

These photos were taken at Podere Il Casale farm in Tuscany (which I highly recommend visiting or staying at if you go to Tuscany.  They provide free rooms in exchange for help on the farm), except the artichokes - those were from a lovely stand in Florence.  One rainy day in Florence, I spent about 3 hours experimenting with different artichoke preparation methods. Just because they were on sale, I was curious, and had time. Those are the perks of not working.

Perk of working: being able to afford more artichokes :)


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