A dying art...

While out and about in Lisbon, I spied a shoemaker and his client sitting in a shop window. The shoemaker was busy at work while his client patiently waited, and layers of time were all over the shop. I could tell it had been there for decades, which of course piqued my interest.  Now, I don't speak Portuguese, but my Spanish came in handy as I asked if I could make some portraits and about the shop.

This guy has been in the business since he was 10 years old! The shop has been running for 50 years, and his client explained to me that he is the one of the few left in Lisbon in this line of work.  It's always inspiring and humbling to witness that kind of dedication.

Our next stop was Evora, and I was surprised to see an almost identical scenario as I walked through the city on our last day there!  These men did not speak any Spanish or English, so I couldn't engage them - thank goodness for my "Posso tirar uma foto de você?" flashcard taped to the bottom of my camera.

A couple of other images from these shops were posted here.


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