Happy Birthday Greg!!!

WARNING: Sappy love note to follow.

Dear Greg,

Remember this day in Lucca? I know it was one of my favorite days on our trip, and I think it was one of yours too.  Riding a tandem bike at sunset on top of an ancient city wall was pretty epic.  And the cecina and calzone - mama mia!

Our trip was incredible...in fact, so is the life we have together.  It may not be perfect right now, but the amazing things we have are very much due to how wonderful you are. You are my best friend and the kindest, sexiest, most fun, all-around-everything-I-could-need man I've ever known.  I love you more than anything.

I'm so happy you were born, and I wish you the very best birthday you've had so far.  It'll be hard to top, but I will help make sure the best years are yet to come - even as our knee and shoulder pops get louder and more frequent :)

With all my love,

P.S.  Yes, I know, this is really personal and not about photography. But honestly, I don't mind if the whole world knows I have a better husband than I could even dream up, and that he deserves to have an amazing birthday.


Ashley said…
Happy Bday Greg!!!!!!
You both are so amazing! Glad you have each other!
Awww, so sweet. It's always great to read something from the heart. Just so happens I am working in my studio and enjoying the mix CD you gave me a few years back!! xoxo

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