Etsy Shop Launched!

I've made good use of my time off work and opened my very own Etsy shop! It's called Delightful Departures - check it out by clicking here and let me know what you think.

Recently, I had the good fortune to gain access to a color darkroom, so the shop is currently filled with the prints I made that day.  You can buy loose prints, have them framed, or even mounted. I love sewing, collages and hunting for vintage treasures, so you can expect to find all kinds of fun items listed in the shop as time goes on.

The limited-edition prints are VERY competitively priced because I want to make sure these don't just sit in a box on my shelf.  For a long time, I kept myself out of Etsy because I wanted to focus on the gallery/museum world and I got some (seemingly good) advice to be careful about how I position myself if I wanted to succeed there.

Well, the gallery/museum world hasn't really worked out for me so well.  Maybe it's a reflection of my work or personality, but I have so many boxes of prints just sitting around and I'd much rather have people enjoying my work!  So I'm trying this out for now.

I'm especially excited about these wooden photo blocks I'm making.  It was so fun to experiment with a new way to present my work.  The one pictured here is a sample I did for myself - the listing in my shop is for one-of-a-kind custom orders.  If you're interested, send me a message and I'll make one for you!

It would mean a lot to me if you added my shop to your favorites...and even better if you helped me make my first sale!  I really appreciate your interest in my work and would be stoked to have some of it goes to readers of my blog.

Again, if you have any feedback, I'm open to it.  Just leave a comment here or send me a message through Etsy.


Sher said…
cuiltuGood luck with your Etsy shop! I'm sure you'll do very well as you are super talented. :-)

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