Awkward Portrait #1

The portraits I take of strangers don't always end up quite the way I want. The most common problem I encounter is that people don't know how to make a natural (not smiling, but not angry) expression when a camera is in front of them.  Some people, like this lovely woman in Florence, just can't do it at all.

It's not just them; admittedly, I'm not the best director.  Sure, guiding your subjects is key, but I think good portraits are a result of a chemistry and/or collaboration between the subject and photographer.  Speaking the same language helps too...

Anyway, I got lucky - now, I have a great collection of awkward portraits.  And lucky you - I'm debuting the first today :)

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said…
Actually, I think it's a great portrait, she looks natural, and happy. And I like the color quite a bit. I think you just have in your mind how you want it to look before you took it, and things usually never turn out exactly how we like. So to someone else, it looks great, like that is how you meant it to be. When I create my work, even when a piece is all wrong according to me, other people tell me how much they like it. I just say "thanks". And some times I just give it to them!
Ashley said…
If you post any of my awkward portraits... you are in big trouble :)
xoxo... love you!

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