The man I love

This trip has consistently reminded me how lucky I am to have Greg...there are few things in life like a 4 month trip across many countries, (and even two continents), and being together 24/7, to demonstrate how well you fit with someone. 

Recently, after a frustrating day of chasing non-existent waves and haggling for everything I bought, I told him that I was hanging by a thread. He said, "Me too. So let's tie 'em together".   it was the best thing he could've said!

I feel so happy and fortunate that I found such an awesome is the perfect day to gush about him, right? :)

And here is a special tribute to the man I loved when I was about 8 years old. I found him waiting for me in our room in Brussels of all places!

I wish you a day full of love, whether it is love for yourself, your partner, or just life in general.


Kimkobiloba said…
Thought about you this morning and thought I'd check in and see your photos! What a sweet post. xoxo
Anonymous said…

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