In honor of Syd

Those of you who know me know how much I miss my buddy Syd, and that I really love dogs. It's been hard to restrain myself from leaning down and petting every cute furry pup that passes me in Europe! They don't seem to have the "roll-around-with-a-stranger's-dog-on-the-sidewalk" culture here that would make what I feel like doing acceptable.  So I just have to settle for taking pictures :) 

Dog culture is really interesting here though, especially in Italy.  There are tons of dog parks and it is awesome to see a group of Italian people, animatedly chatting and gesturing wildly, next to their group of dogs, who are also animatedly chatting and gesturing wildly in their own way. 

Here are some dogs we've met on our adventure:

Odeceixe, Portugal

Peniche, Portugal 

Evora, Portugal 

Gent, Belgium

Art gallery, Antwerp, Belgium  (had a very creepy exhibit about DNA experimentation - one guy injected lobster DNA under his skin just to see what happened! A weird welt that has yet to go away is what happened, by the way.)

Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Prague, Czech Republic. This little fella couldn't resist asking a passerby for some fresh bread. She declined.

and so he just waited for his owner, hoping for better luck.

Brass plaque on the Charles Bridge in Prague, where people pet this guy for good luck.

A meeting on Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence, Italy

Farm dog, Pienza, Italy

I really do love dogs. But I also love our dog-like cat, Charlie, who is waiting for us when we get home! I miss that little guy.


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