Hotel Abba, Amsterdam

Our stay at the Hotel Abba was really interesting, thanks to our neighbors in the hotel.  We nicknamed them "The Pigs" after we heard them vomiting, having sex, crying, vomiting again, having more sex, and then leaving remnants of all of it in the shared bathroom...for 3 days.  After a little while, we just had to laugh about it to keep our sanity. These shots are just a few from around the super-budget hotel.  The little table in our room was the only free space we had, so our suitcases exploded right on top of it.  We are now so grateful for the plentiful space in US hotels :)

 Unfortunately, The Pigs were not interested in being photographed for the blog.


Emilie said…

me and my friends are going to Amsterdam this month and planning on staying at hotel Abba as you did, and i was wondering if the rooms was clean and the cheats? do you have any pictures you could e-mail me, so i can see how the rooms are really look like? I would be very thankfull if you would write back to me!
Liz said…
Hi Emilie,

I can't write you back without an address so hopefully you'll read this. The rooms and sheets were clean. The bathroom we shared with The Pigs was disgusting, but that was their fault, and the hotel moved us to another room since our neighbors sucked. Just have realistic expectations about what you expect from one of the cheapest hotels in an expensive party town, and you'll be satisfied. It was a fine place to stay for a few nights.

Have fun in Amsterdam!

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