Retratos en Espana (Portraits in Spain)

Granada, Spain

Painter in Granada, Spain. We followed signs on the street in Sacromonte (Gypsy cave house district) to an art exhibit, which lead to his living room. He kept asking me for 5 euros to buy tobacco in exchange for me taking this portrait.  Even though I didn't have 5 euros to contribute to his habit, he still obliged...but wouldn't stop asking me for tobacco. It was an interesting exchange.

Sunday morning walk in Granada.

Chef, Tapas de Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain

Gregaroni in Spainaroni

Fishmonger at the Mercado de Triana, my favorite market in Sevilla

Boy with pheasant, Mercado de Triana

J. Alfredo of Charcuteria J. Alfredo in the Mercado de Triana

Soccer fan, Sevilla vs Betis, Nov. 18, Sevilla.

Interrupted breakfast, Italica, Provence of Sevilla, Spain

Students on a field trip, Roman ruins in Italica, Provence of Sevilla


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