Looking up

Granada, Spain

Arch detail, the Alcazar, Sevilla, Spain

Trees in the courtyard of the Alcazar

Steps leading to a secret garden (I didn't get to discover the secret as I shot this through a locked fence)

Architectural detail, Alhambra, Granda

See the little archway covered by a partially opened curtain between the two blue pots on the left? That's the entrance to someone's house! One of the gypsy caves in Sacromonte, a neighborhood in Granada. People have been living here for centuries. I would have liked to have been invited in but this is all I could see from the street.

the Alcazar, Sevilla, Spain

I really liked this tapestry in the Alcazar, Sevilla, Spain  

the gardens of the Alcazar

Outside the contemporary art museum, Sevilla, Spain

Christmas market with cathedral in background, Sevilla

This one is for you Rachel J! xoxo (autumn leaves, blue sky)


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