Happy Holidays!

It's a little strange not to be with family during the holidays, but we're still getting into the spirit, Euro-style. It's been so interesting to learn about different traditions and see how the holidays are celebrated abroad.  I grew up celebrating Christmas, so my attention has largely been on that holiday...and frankly, I don't think you can ignore Christmas, even if you're not Christian.  I'm really behind on editing, unfortunately, but   I put together a small selection of images to share some of what we've seen.  

Bar interior, Brussels, Belgium

Christmas flowers at the Blomenmarkt, Amsterdam

Random ornament hanging in Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Amsterdam holiday window reflections

And here are some snapshots...the first nighttime Christmas market we went to was in Brussels. It was fully of lights and holiday spirit! Since then we've hit up markets in Gent, Antwerp, Amsterdam & Goslar, Germany.

The mannequin-pis is a famous tourist attraction in Brussels, and you can see he got into the holiday spirit on the side of this booth.

Greg and I were wandering around Brussels and night, and happened to get to the Grand Plaza in time for a light/music show and Christmas tree lighting ceremony. It was one of the best most Christmas-y things we've ever experienced. The lights went along with the music and were choreographed to match the texture and sculptures on all the historical buildings on the square. It was SO cool.  The tree is above, and there we are enjoying the show.

Gent, Belgium at night in the rain (but it looks like snow, right?!)

Snow! So far we have just had COLD rainy weather, but our Couchsurfing host (and now friend) Quint took us up into the mountains outside of Goslar for some sleighriding.  These are some of the first snow covered trees we saw.

We had an amazing time sleighriding, and wrapped up our sesh with a snowman! Here we are with Quint and our cold friend.

I hope you have a very happy holiday, whichever one you celebrate!  We are celebrating with our good friends, Tina and Jesse, in Berlin. 


Anonymous said…
Hi Liz, we're thinking of you both during the holidays and wish you a very Merry Christmas week, and a very Happy New Year! We enjoyed seeing your wonderful photos. Love, Cher and Steve

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