Cadiz #5

Abandoned theater near the waters edge

Very typical charcuteria (deli counter) in the mercado.  The big legs of ham hanging behind the counter are typical, as are the mid-day cervezas.

Somewhere near the roman theater.  I liked the roof tops peeking above the stone building, and the billboard in front.

Saw these guys at the end of the night, keeping each other warm in a pet shop window.

Quick update:  We left our apartment in Sevilla on Friday, and now we're in Peniche, Portugal, north of Lisbon. Got to surf this morning, hiked through sand dunes and took some interesting walks around Penishe and Obidos this evening. Portugal is very different from what I imagined, and I love it.  The tiny towns aren't as polished as in other European countrysides I've explored and thus feel very authentic and local.  It's odd that many of the beach towns here have a bit of a Daytona Beach, FL thing happening - lots of high rise apartments, touristy spots, and just a generic "beach town for tourist" vibe.   Even with that aspect, there is SO MUCH rugged, natural beauty here, it's really incredible. You should come see for yourself if you haven't already :)

It was bittersweet leaving Spain - I feel like there was so much left to do and see, but at the same time, I'm excited to see something else and learn about a different culture.  Tomorrow we're heading to Sintra, then Evora, and then we fly to Belgium on Thursday.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


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