We made it!

Hey everyone! We made it. Got to Sevilla late last night and it is freaking amazing. I can't believe I'm going to be here for a whole month! I haven't had the time/desire to sit in front of the laptop long enough to edit photos yet so no photos to share of the trip at this time...but soon, I promise.

Our trip was relatively smooth. There was some freaky turbulence on the way here (literally lifted from our seats and the whole plane exclaimed in unison) and we almost didn't get past border patrol in the UK ("3 months is a long holiday. How will you finance this? Do you have proof of your finances with you? No? You are ill-prepared. I must speak to the Chief Immigration Officer. [Upon return on the desk] Well, he agrees that you are ill-prepared but since you are going straight to Spain, we will let you pass").  But we made it!!!!  HELL YEAH!


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