Saying goodbye

Lately we've spent a lot of time surrounded by friends, laughing, enjoying delicious libations, know how it goes when you're moving.  Times like this make me wonder if we're doing the right thing.   As does taking in the amazing scenery when I go running.  Or watching a flock of brown pelicans fly overhead as I pull on my wetsuit to surf my favorite break.  Some not so positive things like the fact that I never made Sirens what I truly wanted it to be or the reality of being unemployed also make me question this crazy trip we're about to take.   I know, ultimately, we are making the right choice.  We are embarking on an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and making a dream come true.

But, San Diego is the only place I've called home outside of Chicago. A significant chapter of my life is wrapping up.  Greg and I got engaged, and married here. We had our first home here (the tiny, scary apt in Logan Square doesn't count). I buried my best buddy here.  I got WAY better at surfing here!  And of course, I met some incredibly kind, fun, genuine people along the way. 

I am really going to miss this place.


I keep reminding myself - we'll find a home in a new place where we can actually afford to buy what we want. Our new place will be closer to family, which is always important and will becoming increasingly so when we start our own family.  More friends will be made, and current friends will have a super sweet place to come visit us.  Also, it will be refreshing to start over somewhere new...all the MS BS we went through last year kinda put a damper on things for us.

Eeech, I could keep babbling. It's a tough thing to say goodbye. My point is that I've loved this place and all the people who have been a part of our lives here made it extra special.  Farewell, SD! Thanks for being so good to us. It's been real.


Kate Milke said…
You will be dearly missed Lizard.
mnye said…
Good memories brought back when I saw this pic :)

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