One thing leads to another

Like my last post, here is another one with a funky neg - I know why this one is weird though. It's because I left my camera in the cold for too long and didn't let it warm up properly before taking this picture. How could I pass up this shot though?  Sometimes dawn patrol takes it out of ya.

This seemed appropriate, seeing as how this guy also likes a natural setting for his rest:

And then this image came up.  This photo always makes me laugh! That's my Tia Gloria, and her dog loves to drink from the hose, mostly when it is sprayed directly into his face.

From a series I started working on investigating people living on the road:

And finally...Paris 2010. I have no reason for including this image other than I enjoy the colors and the layers. Sometimes that's enough :)



Anonymous said…
entertaining progressions of images. i like the connections.

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