Don't you love dogs?

I do too! So, I have a couple of dog-centric things to bring to your attention, just for fun...and to ask you to help out two people I like a WHOLE LOT.

First, I want to give a shout out to my sister Jennie who recently opened her own grooming salon and doggy day care in Loveland, CO. The Loveland Dog Club is without a doubt the BEST place to take your dog for grooming, training, and daycare, and the BEST place for you to go to grooming school! Jennie been refining her expertise since 1988 and is the most dog-loving person I know - which says a lot because I work with a lot of dog peeps at Petco.  She's a patient, kind, thoughtful person which makes her an excellent teacher and person to leave your dog with. If you live in the Loveland area, stop by and say hi to her!

Even if you don't, do me a favor and like them on Facebook. It'll only take a second and will really help my sister out. You're probably already logged in...just do it!

Second, check out my friend Anja and her badass dog Petey in their video, My Dog Plays Volleyball Better than You! (and it's true!)

Anja and Petey want to become YouTube partners, so help a sister out by subscribing to her feed and like the video on YouTube.  Petey is super stoked to finally have his athleticism recognized and is hoping Anja will help him show off his basketball and soccer skills.  Personally, I'm rooting for a surf video :)

Thanks for reading.  My next post will be all about photography, I promise!


Petey said…
Awwww...thanks Liz! Woof!
- Petey

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