100 Followers - Print Giveaway!

I am really honored that 100 people in the world care enough about my photography to follow my blog!  I started this blog as a way to get feedback on my work from friends and family, without ever really thinking people I've never met would take an interest...and now 100 followers!

random celebratory lo-fi surf shot

Thank you so much for your interest and the time you spend here :)

To show my appreciation, I'm going to have a


I'm so excited that I haven't thought through every single detail yet.  For now, my plan is to let one lucky winner pick an image from my blog or website, and choose between something like this or an unframed 8.5" x 11" print.  Let's talk details when you win :)

Anyone who publicly follows my blog can be entered to win by leaving a comment on this post before 12:00am PST on April 16th with the following info:
  • Your name and email address
  • Which print you would love to win (description or jpg name will do)
The winner will be chosen at random.  If you want extra chances to win you can also:
  • Get someone else to follow my blog! Leave their follower name in the comments on this post so I know who you spread the word to.
  • Leave a "critique comment" on any post on this blog with an image. Give me something to work with!  Lately I've been really hungry for feedback/photo interactions that will challenge me to make stronger work and push me intellectually.
 Thanks again to all of you for following this blog and keeping me motivated and inspired :)

With lots of joy and affection,


starsquiggle said…
My name is Brenda and i am Kiley Davis'(who i believe you know) mother...i linked to your page from her blog, Curiouser and Curiouser out of curiosity ~hehe~ and your pictures were so intriguing that i now check for something new every few days...you do beautiful work..
my favorite photo is: Just Beyond the Ovens..War Memorial at Dachau

Brenda Davis
7 Green St
Gloucester Ma
starsquiggle said…
i omitted my email address...sorry
Anonymous said…
i would pick the image of the palms and shadows.
Unknown said…
hello my longlost friend! I am always checking up on your work and I just wanted to pass along that you always impress me with your eye! when I post on the 16th my favorite is and always has been the blacks.jpg. and of course the photos you took of me:) I havent seen them in so long. when I looked at them it Brought back fond memories! Hope all is well. Hope our paths cross soon.
Anonymous said…
Hey, its Jacob of Jacob & Lexie (aka JaLexie). Just wanted to get my name in there for a Liz Lantz original! Great job on the blog!
Oh my, beautiful work! I can't quite decide between the camper van pic or the rolling waves above it!

Thanks for the amazing chance!
Anonymous said…
Hi Liz,
Saw Greg's post about your blog and I remembered it again this morning to check it out! :)

I love the photo of the boy wearing the skeleton suit! I guess that would be my pick. It's hard to pick one, though!

I totally have that same dresser too!

Hope you're doing well!
ladicakes at gmail dot com
delphine said…
hi liz,
i've been following your blog for a while now. i love your "sirens" project -- if i lived in san diego, i'd want to be a part of it! i also sympathize with your origins surfing in chicago. i started surfing here in new york city, and am thinking of moving to california (santa cruz or san diego) within the next few years. small world: totally unrelated to your blog, i know and surf the same break as susannah ray. i'm also a big fan of her photography.
my favorite photo is the shot of a woman getting a noseride in your "sirens" series. beautiful and inspiring!
thanks and keep that great work coming,
John said…
big fan. johnmccauley182atgmail.com

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