Sirens Wanted

Hey everyone,

I really want to jump back in the saddle and continue work on Sirens.  If you know anyone interested in participating, shoot me an email - you can contact me via my website (don't want to publish address here for spambots).  I'd be happy to dive into details with anyone who might want to make some photos with me.

Just in case you've completely forgotten this project since it has been FOREVER since I've posted anything related to it, here are some of my favorites so far:


VildesVerden said…
Unfortunately I live too far away, and am not going to California until spring - but I really would have loved to be oart of it. Happy new year from Norway!
Liz said…
VildesVerden, there is no time limit! You should let me know when you're here. I'd love to meet up and make some photos. I'm not sure how to email you directly (only clue on Blogger leads to your myspace page, I don't have an account), but please get in touch: liz [at] lizlantz [dot] com.

Thanks and Happy New Year to you too!

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