Yoga Swami

Yoga Swami is my most favorite yoga place in the world.  The fact that it's donation based is amazing (yoga classes can be so expensive), but even more incredible is the space. I've been coming here since I first moved to California, and the yurt is just visually, emotionally and spiritually beautiful. 

Many times during my practices there, I thought that I should photograph it sometime but unfortunately, the ship has sailed.  The city of Encinitas has concluded that the yurt doesn't meet building codes and must be removed from the property.  It makes me so sad that we won't be able to share our love and energy in that space anymore, but this has helped to begin a very important conversation about where sustainable, eco-friendly structures fit within our communities.  

Cyrus Sutton of Korduroy.TV made a great video to support Yoga Swami, before the ruling by the city was final, and it's worth a watch. It illustrates what an incredible community Yoga Swami has helped to build and makes you think about the importance of reforming our building codes so places like this can exist. 


Dawn, the owner of Yoga Swami, wrote such a nice letter to the community - be sure to read it on the homepage of  Many thanks to Transcend and Yoga Tropics for holding the Yoga Swami classes at their studio and keeping donation-based yoga in Encinitas.

The city has made their ruling, but in her letter, Dawn said they've formed a committee to reform codes for there is hope it'll come back.  Hopefully by drawing attention to this on my blog, something good will come from it.  I know this strays from my usual posting topics, but in the spirit of the season, I wanted to share something with you that is personally important to me and maybe grease your wheels to ponder some new ideas in the new year.  Thanks for reading.



Anonymous said…
sad ruling. common sense no longer exists in many ways.
diane said…
I hope you are able to stay with your meeting place.

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