These photos fell victim to a processing error, but I still dig 'em.  The bottom one is so surreal, when I first saw the scan it took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at.  The sky was so dark and stormy when I shot it, but not quite like that ;)

We had planned on staying in Bern (where the Lantz family hails from) for 2 nights and then started looking into hotels.  The most affordable option we could find was $141 per night, for a bunk bed. In a room with 6 strangers...not quite what we had in mind.  Still, we made a point to spend the afternoon in Bern, which was beautiful and decadent in a way I've never seen before - yes, that is fur draped on the chairs outside the cafe, where cappuccinos were $8.  After taking in some sights, picking up a brick of swiss cheese and a bag of chocolates, we hightailed it to Pinasca, Italy.


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