Merry Christmas!

Check out these iPhone images of Candy Cane Court and the surrounding area in Poway, CA.  It's basically 3 cul-de-sacs and a street that go ALL OUT for the holidays.  The number of lights are unreal!

The house in the last image had their lights tuned to a radio station playing punk rock Christmas music. I felt like such a kid ooohing, aahhhing and pointing at each different display - it was really fun.  Too bad it was too rainy for my film cameras; maybe the lights will still be up when we get back from the midwest.

Here's our very own Christmas tree that Greg took with the Hipstamatic app.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


Merry Christmas, Liz and Greg!
Lizzie, we enjoyed your photos. Have a joyful day.
Love, Cher and Steve
Loved those pictures. The lights are a bit more modern than those we are used to here in Europe.

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