William Eggleston at LACMA

© William Eggleston

I had the good sense to check out my Google reader after, oh, 2 months of not looking at it, and I am so glad I did because I found out about the William Eggleston show at LACMA. It seriously brings tears of joy to my eyes that I will get to see this exhibition.  His work has informed my visual language unlike any other artist -  he is my favorite photographer of all time.   The image of the light bulb below is (one of his more well-known images) burned in my mind forever. It taught me several things, one of the most important being not to be afraid to take pictures of "nothing". I love the posters in the corner too!

© William Eggleston

If you want to do a little more reading on this Eggleston fellow, I found this interesting review of the Democratic Camera exhibit online. Sometimes I have a hard time articulating my feelings and I found myself enthusiastically nodding in agreement throughout his post.

I am so happy right now!!

Greg and I just got back from an amazing trip in Europe, and are moving to a new house this weekend (hence my extended blog absence) so it'll be a few weeks before I get to see the show, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll tell you all about it.  I got a few rolls of film scanned from our trip, but hopefully I'll unpack my scanner and get to the rest before too long.  Here's one image I'm pretty stoked about:

Immenstaad am Bodensee, Germany

Happy Friday!


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