Ingvar Kenne

Lee Lin Chin, Sydney, Australia, 2003
Photo © Ingvar Kenne

Today's Flak Photo post really caught my eye. I love this woman's pose and the quality of light.  It's such a weird image but at the same time I find it kind of soothing.  I checked out Ingvar Kenne's website and there are several bodies of work, each worth a look in it's own right. I'm really digging his portraits.  Check it out if you get a minute or an hour.

Have a great Friday!


Victoria said…
I agree...I do find it quite creepy but also very calming its such an odd photo.

Lee Lin Chin is such an odd character too. She is a SBS TV news reporter who always has quirky outfits on...she's pretty fascinating actually. So this photo doesnt really surprise me.

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