Vielfalt aus dem Osten

greg and i are going to germany in the fall, so i'm trying to learn a few words before i go.  more images from maine and new hampshire.


Anonymous said…
WHAT?! Did you take all of those? These are the kind of photos I stop and say, I wish I would have made that. AMAZING WORK!

I love GERMAN! I was hoping to go this Fall but it might have to wait until 2011.

I've been trying to learn German too! I want to be fluent within the next five least, that is my goal. Sooner preferably...but you know how life goes :P

Excellent work. You help keep me excited about photography. Can't wait to see the goodies you bring back from Germany!
Anonymous said…
just tons of good stuff in this post. the waves, the forest. so great.
Vincent-Brian said…
Hi Liz!

Sorry to say my bus is off the road while it gets a new clutch...

Sure love your work! Where do you get your b/w film processed? Do you do it yourself? The shot of the white house in the woods is fab!

My stepdad was a well known photographer from Paris, and he left us in March. He left behind an old Alpa 9d camera with three lenses, and I've been messing around with it, including shooting some T-Max. Now I just gotta figure out how/where to develop it!

Here are some color shots:

See you at the beach!

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