I am pretty stoked with the way this Holga diptych turned out!  I shot this during our trip to Maine, at the peak of the Champlain Mountain trail we took in Acadia National park.  The image on the left is of a big puddle at the top of the trail, and the image of the right is me standing on top of a boulder (see my shoes bottom right for scale).  The hike was absolutely beautiful (despite the cold weather) and made us feel like we were the only two people in a very big and rugged world.

Today is a continuation of the Independence Day celebration for me since I'm off work (hopefully you are too) and to keep the spirit going, I wanted to send you over to Lenscratch to see a great collection of July 4th images that Aline Smithson curated for her blog.  There is some great work posted - I love the image Dave Jordano made in Rockford. Aline, thank you for including my photo!


Anonymous said…
I got so excited to see your photo on Lenscratch...there it was...a bit of Ogle county. The county where I was raised. Your photo had a calm, gentle quality about it-much like the people in the area. Brilliant! Loved it...and Dave Jordano's really represented parts of Rockford well too.

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