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A while back I got an email from a very talented photographer named Susannah Ray, who wanted to say hello and that she liked my work enough to pass my website along to Bonni Benrubi Gallery for a surf-themed show she was putting together.   As it turns out, I DID get into the show, but more on that in another post when I have more details (see sidebar for now - my first time showing in NYC, stoked!).

I am always flattered to get emails like this - especially if they include a recommendation - but it blows me away when photographers like Susannah think enough of my work to get in touch with me.  Susannah's work really hits home, both in content and style.   She's working on her own surf project, called Right Coast, which is focused on surfers in NYC.  If you know about my Chicago surfing roots, I'm sure you can imagine how much her work makes my heart sing.  The project does a great job of combining portraits, still life and landscapes to tell the story of a very unique surf community.  I really dig the variety of skillfully composed images and the details she chooses to share with us.

I had a hard time selecting just a few images to share with you, so be sure to check out the full project here.  Susannah also has a very eloquent artist statement to give you more insight into the project.

That last image - is it just me, or does it look like the waves are breaking away from the coast?! I have dreams with waves like that, but haven't seen it in real life. I'll have to ask her for the scoop on that one...

She has some other great work on her website - here are a few selections from her other bodies of work:

Make some time and visit her website:


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