On the way to Joe's - Portland

While we were in Portland, we got to hang out with the one and only Joe Conway, editor of Drift Magazine, stateside.  Joe and I have corresponded pretty regularly since I discovered his winter shaka and it was super cool to finally meet him in person.

To go off on a seemingly random tangent, Greg and I are really into microbrews & Belgian ales.  As luck would have it, the hotel we checked into in Portland was hosting the annual Maine Beer Distribution Conference and Tradeshow, with about 20 breweries providing free samples to industry folk.  Did you know I moonlight as a beer distributor? Me neither.  It was so awesome to have our pick of Allagash, Victory, Magic Hat, Chimay, etc....plus there was delicious free food!  Anyway, to play it safe we walked to Joe's place, and on the way to his house, I made this photo somewhere on Spring St.  At least I think it was Spring.

Joe - thanks for having us!

PS - for real random tangent:  My former boss frequently misspoke and once called Portland Porkland in the midst of an all-company meeting.  I could not contain my laughter. Good times :)


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