I can't believe I almost let a whole month go by without posting, but never fear! I'm checking in with days to spare.  This month as been a little hectic for me, but to keep myself going photographically I decided to make my amazing husband a book for his birthday (yesterday).  He has a strong affinity for vans, RV's, VW buses...pretty much anything you could pack up, sleep in and find adventure with.

Thinking back to some projects I'd seen on the interweb recently, I became inspired to make an accordion style book celebrating such vehicles.   Below are some of my favorite images from this little project, which was so much fun: 

The contact sheets are a digital creation [how I wish I could make a REAL darkroom contact sheet again!] but I thought it'd be a good way to include more photos and decorate the inside of my covers.

I'm one to give credit where credit is due.  I saw this website a long time ago and it was a big source of inspiration for me to make my own version for Greg's gift. I don't have a picture of the book I made yet, but seeing this post inspired me to go to book form for my project.  I really admire J. Bennett Fitts' work, and his book is very well done.

Hopefully you'll hear from me more frequently next month.  Happy spring :)


what a cool gift liz! happy belated birthday greg!
Ryan Tatar said…
Oh how I love vans too.... nice work Liz. I saw that Vans and the Places they were website awhile back and flipped.... so rad....

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