Dr. Anne Steinemann

In November, Discovery Channel Magazine hired me to make some portraits of a very inspiring woman, Dr. Anne Steinemann, who was a visiting scientist at Scripps in La Jolla (she may still be, I'm not sure when she was heading up back north).  Dr. Steinemann specializes in water resources and environmental management, studying the toxins in everyday household products and exposing the many ways in which they make us sick.   You can read some of the scary things she found in her studies here.

If you're interested, here is a link to Anne's page on the University of Washington website.

I haven't seen the issue of the magazine yet, so I'm not sure what image they ended up choosing, but here are my top three pics (pun!):



I'll scan the magazine spread when it arrives in my mailbox.  Stoked to see it!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations! So happy for you, your new work and all the places its taking you! Ride that big celebratory wave all the way around the world. You haven't any time for shores yet :)

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