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I didn't have time last night, but I when I posted those photos below, I wanted to tell you guys about Atrazine. This is something I learned about when I saw Flow, but it has been in the news lately because of some recent scientific studies.  Click here and here for some recent articles.

Basically Atrazine is the most commonly used pesticide in the United States. I believe the stats are that we use about 80 million pounds a year on our crops, largely in the mid-west.  We all know pesticides are bad, but did you know that this particular pesticide causes sexual mutation in frogs?!  It turns boys into girls! Sounds like science fiction, right?

But it's real, and the scary thing is that it gets into our groundwater. It's been banned throughout the European Union - the very place where it is manufactured by Syngenta -  because of its effects on groundwater.

I need to do more research and I don't want to give you guys bad information so I'm going to stop now.  Read more about it online if you're interested (here's the wiki article).  But atrazine is some scary shit and it boggles my mind that we continue to use it ON OUR FOOD, especially in such a way that it also contaminates our water.  Eat organic you say?  Atrazine has even been detected in rainwater.  How can you stop THAT from getting on your food?

On a more uplifting note, I spotted a photo of mine I shot way back in July on surfline.com. Check it out if you get a chance by clicking here.  This is one of the first creds I've received as Liz Lantz and I'm honored that it is associated with such a great film.


Ryan Tatar said…
thats a great photo. nice job Liz.
really like this photo, Liz. I am also very interested in your water project and these facts you are sharing, which I was not aware of. Thank you.

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