Updated Blog Address Info

Aloha friends,

Google makes it incredibly challenging to get support and/or reverse stupid mistakes like deleting the administrator account of your blog.  Word to the wise - don't delete the account! Or if you do, make sure you have proper transferred admin rights.

Anyway, after driving myself nuts all day yesterday trying to resolve this, I decided to make this a learning opportunity and figure out a better solution.  So, the solution is this:

See how nice that it is? And if you go there, it takes you right back to here.  You can still get here from the old address too - lizcockrum.blogspot.com.

I feel silly that I ever tried to do it the other way, but I just hadn't thought it through.  This has been a great lesson to me in patience and taking the time to do things right.   So, I ask you, if you ever did go follow lizlantz.blogspot.com, come back to this site.  Please make blog.lizlantz.com your bookmarked address if you are kind enough to bookmark me..

Sorry for all the confusion and thanks so much for bearing with me while I transition to my new name.  I *think* this is the last time I'll have to bring up my blog address...


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