more from costa rica

costa rica was incredible, for so many reasons. for starters - being with greg, and just greg for a whole week! and not being on a schedule!  but also the jungle, sounds, fruit, seafood, amount of life EVERYWHERE, the surf, the sun, animals, towns....sigh.  it's weird thinking about it from here - it seems like a dream.

i was warned against petty thieves, both by friends and the interweb, so all i brought was a point and shoot and my holga. although i do wish i had my hasselblad and a tripod, i know if i brought them it would have been a photo trip, and not a honeymoon.

enjoy :)


Greg Lantz said…
really enjoyed all these costa rica pics. really love the one of the women in the water.
Anonymous said…
Even on your honeymoon, you're a beautiful artist. Thank you for bringing these wonderful images to the world!

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