help me please! blogger guru, are you out there?

***Note: I'm leaving this up in case someone else has my problem. I was not able to resolve this through Google or Blogger. I went through my domain manager to resolve this problem.  If you're experiencing the same thing, please see the Things I Have Tried section below***

I wasn't as thorough this morning as I usually am, and it has cost me my blog! Can you help?

Problem: The admin account for has been deleted.  The blog is showing up as removed! Grrrrr.

Pertinent information: I have another google account which has author rights on  When I am signed into this account, I can see on my dashboard, and all the previous posts (thank goodness!).  However, if I go into the permissions tab, I can only remove myself as an author - not take over admin rights.  If I try to post something new on the blog, I see it in my "Edit Posts" list, but it doesn't show up on the blog (blog is still showing up as removed).

Questions for you:  How can I grant my author account admin rights without the admin account?  Another solution - how can I get Google to release the so I can take it over with my new account?

Things I have tried: 
  • Clicking the "Can't access your account"? link on the google sign in page.  No dice.  
  • I have also tried filling out the "Can't access your blogger account?" form, which asks for current email info, usage history, etc, but they keep saying they are unable to verify my identity based on my responses! I don't know what else to say...I'm answering everything to the best of my ability.
  • I have also posted to the Blogger Help forums, with no responses. 
  • Two blogs were affected by this, so I deleted myself as an author for one of the blogs, thinking that perhaps having an existing author account was tying up the URL.  Deleting the account did not  free up the URL.

What do I do?

I know there are other solutions like coming up with a new blogger URL, but I JUST emailed my whole contact book telling them my new blog and web addresses!  I'd love to stay with if I can.

If someone can fix this problem, I will seriously give you an 8x8 print of your choice. I am desperate to have this resolved, and fast!



Surfsister said…
Liz said…
Thanks Surfsister...I did fill out that form already to no avail. I filled it out so many times they said I exceeded the number of attempts and have to come back "in a few days". Pssshaa!

I think that's my only hope though, so I'll have to wait it out. Perhaps this is a sign that I need to branch out and try something new entirely...
Surfsister said…
That just sucks! I live in fear of my blog disappearing into thin air. There is no way I can ever replicate or remember the last five years.

There's got to be another way to save your blog! ;-(
Liz said…
I know! It is terribly frustrating. Thankfully I only had one post on that blog that wasn't on this one - so at most, I will just lose my URL and that one post. But damn it, I want that URL!

My suggestions for blog protection:

1. Use the "Export Blog" feature on your blog to download the content as an XML file to store on your computer from time to time. Just in case.

2. Don't ever, ever, EVER delete the google account associated with your blog unless you are 100% positive you have PROPERLY TRANSFERRED ADMIN RIGHTS. This is where I failed.

3. Find a VERY trusted person and grant them admin rights to your blog, just in case...if there are 2 admins you are golden if one account gets deleted. How I wish I had designated another admin!

And thanks for the intro to your blogs!
Don Sheffler said…
Did you try to sign in THROUGH Google? Maybe if you go to and sign in to a gmail account you can get into your blogger acct. I only say this because at some point my blog seemed locked up until I started using my google id and password to get in.

PS - LOVE your photography.
Don Sheffler said…
I typed up a suggestion but then realized you had tried to go through your google account. Sorry. The only idea I have for you now is go the old-fashioned route. Send a snail mail to Google up in, where are they, Cupertino CA? Let 'em know the pain they're causing and could they just switch a couple lines and get your account back to you...

PS - LOVE your photography.

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