mr & mrs lantz

Can ya believe it?! Greg and I got married yesterday, and it was truly the most wonderful, perfect, happiest day of my life.  The whole day couldn't have been any better, seriously.   So many people came from all corners of the country to celebrate with us, and everyone had SO MUCH FUN! I only cried a little bit :)

We're off to Costa Rica in about an hour and I just wanted to share my favorite polaroid of the evening with you.  The lovely and talented Miss Stephanie Dana is responsible for this...thank you Steph!!!

Website updates, email changes, etc will be announced later on.

¡Pura Vida!

~ Mrs. Liz Lantz


Ashley said…
It was the most perfect day!!!

Love you guys!!!
e. said…
Stephanie Dana said…
you gave me goosebumps...can not wait for you to come back and see all the other images!
oh my gosh, this is just beyond words. my heart is melting. congratulations!! catch lots of waves in costa rica! xo
jet creations said…
LOVE IT! Enjoy Costa Rica. xoxo
RT said…
congrats Liz!

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