Haiti Needs Our Help

This is from a blog I follow, Quintessence. Please help if you can.  I think re-posting this on your own blog, Facebook would be fantastic if you're not in a position to send any money:

A friend of mine who has done work for Haitian schools for homeless children has been sending me reports of the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake. He writes:

The epicenter was close to Port au Prince, a city of 4+ million extremely poor people, most of whom live in ramshackle huts and small brick shacks. Haiti has very little in the way of resources, money, equipment, or qualified personnel to deal with this situation.

Doctors Without Borders lost their three facilities in Port au Prince, and are setting up field tents for service. The Red Cross has lost most assets in country, and are still trying to locate staff. The U.N.'s main facility has collapsed, and they are missing over 100 staff, including their regional director. The Red Cross has deployed all their Caribbean disaster supplies & equipment to Haiti. UNICEF has facilities & resources intact in country, and are deploying services with utmost urgency. Epic destruction and loss of life has occurred. Loss of life estimates are now topping 100,000.

What the people and the country need right now is cash. Below are several sites where you can donate directly to organizations in-country, where money can be put to work directly and quickly. Thank you for your interest, attention and support. Please give - right now. Many thousands of lives hang in the balance, now and for the next several months. If you already donated, thank you. If you can, give again.

St. Joseph's Family
Partners in Health (Paul Farmer)
Doctors Without Borders


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