Liquid Salt Interview

Liquid Salt is a new online surf magazine that recently launched - there's some very interesting content so far!  The focus is to profile individuals making a difference in surf culture, both historically and in present-day. I always find it inspiring to read about what keeps other people passionate about what they do, and I was honored that Liquid Salt contacted me for an interview! 

Check it out here when you have a chance.

Next on my photo list of things-to-do is to make prints for the upcoming show at Eric Phleger Gallery, but when I'm done with that, you can count on seeing some more fun images from Palm Springs.


Hi, Liz!
Congratulations on the nice interview!
Aloha, Cher and Steve
I really enjoyed reading your interview, Liz. You're such a great young woman. Yellow curry chicken. You made me hungry. (-: I also love the homepage of your website. Beautiful image and great idea.

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