III, Palm Springs

as i look back at these images, i feel like i could photograph palm springs forever. i know that is probably very far from the truth, but that is how inspired i felt there while making photos that morning.  this post contains some images i normally would not have chosen, but as part of my attempt to reconsider the way i do things, i included them.  the one of the cholla cactus feels really dry and dreamy to me, just like the desert.


jet creations said…
I love the cactus pic too!!! I've taken a few "dreamy" or blown out looking pics recently also. Obviously just with my point & shoot and they are not professional in the slightest, but funny how I've been liking these types of photos lately too:) Love all your pics Liz!
Kiley said…
I've eaten in that restaurant!
Rachel M. Wolfe said…
Oh and please do go back again and again! I could look at the way you capture the lighting all day!

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