Monday, November 23, 2009


On December 5th, anyone in the San Diego area will have a chance to bid on the print above, as well as prints from over 30 regional photographers.  Subtext Gallery is hosting a benefit called Happenstance to raise money for Monarch School.  Here's the scoop:

A Photographic Exhibition Benefitting Monarch School
Reception & Silent Auction: Saturday, December 5th, 6-10pm

Sometimes the best photographs come out of the least expected circumstances. Maybe the planets were aligned, maybe it was good karma, or maybe it just comes down to sheer luck. Either way, certain photos were meant to be. Subtext is proud to present Happenstance, a group photography exhibition that celebrates being in the right place at the right time.

For one night only, Subtext will host a silent auction featuring the work of over 30 regional photographers. A portion of the proceeds from the silent auction will benefit Monarch School. Founded in 1988, Monarch School is dedicated to helping San Diego’s homeless and at-risk children break the cycle of poverty through education. The school provides them with an accredited education and enrichment programs as well as providing for their basic needs such as medical and dental care, food and clothing supplements, and bus and trolley passes. Monarch serves more than 500 kids each year, ages 4–18, grades K–12. Monarch School is the only program of its kind for homeless kids in the U.S. and is a prototype for how a community can successfully educate homeless children to become productive citizens. So come out and celebrate our community, buy some great photography, and help make a big difference.

See below for a list of participating photographers.  Subtext Gallery is located at

2479 Kettner Blvd
San Diego, CA 92101

I hope to see you there!

Jim Marshall

Frank Rogozienski

Lou Mora

Sarah Yates

Bil Zelman

Jeff Lancaster

Dana Niebert

Mark Yaggie

J. Grant Brittain

Tim Mantoani

Marc Tule

Dave Harrison

Nick Nacca

Marshall Harrington

Jeffery Brown

Embry Rucker

Chris Wimpey

John Durant

Joseph Llanes

Daniel Bergeron

Tim Stahl

Myles McGuinness

Jeremiah Sullivan

Max Dolberg

John Mireles

Phillip Rittermann

Cindy Saylor

Matt Rainwaters

Jay Reilly

Sean Cassidy

Kari Pfeffer

Alicia Stauffer

Charles Banzon

Sunday, November 22, 2009

hiking is grand

I hiked the Mount Woodson trail (above) in Poway, CA with Greg and a good friend back in the spring.  On a seperate occasion, Greg and I went out to Anza-Borrego and hiked the Palm Oasis trail.  I can't remember which came first, but both were amazing.  The photo below was made at the trail head where we bought some bumper stickers to let everyone know how much we love the park.  I feel so lucky to have such places so close to home.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

III, Palm Springs

as i look back at these images, i feel like i could photograph palm springs forever. i know that is probably very far from the truth, but that is how inspired i felt there while making photos that morning.  this post contains some images i normally would not have chosen, but as part of my attempt to reconsider the way i do things, i included them.  the one of the cholla cactus feels really dry and dreamy to me, just like the desert.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Opening this Thursday

I'm proud to announce I'll be in a group show opening this Thursday at Eric Phleger Gallery.  The show is called "Unzipped" and features a great mix of local artists working in various mediums.   I was floored when I dropped off my pieces for the show and got a sneak peak - there is some FANTASTIC work in this show. I'll be showing 2 pieces that most of you have not seen from past bodies of work.  Come check it out if you can!

 Artist Reception November 19th, 6-9 PM
828 N. Coast Highway 101
Leucadia, CA 92024
Exhibition runs until December 31, 2009.

Other artists included in the show are Julie Goldstein, Cheryl Sorg, Nilly Gill, Scott Saw, Jean Lowe, Robin Bright, Neil Maclean, Mary Fleener, Carolyn Guild, Kim MacConnel, Laird Plumleigh, Rodney McCoubrey & Jeffery Laudenslager.

Another thing to check out, right from your computer, is  Sherri introduced herself and let me know that she had included me in her website daily update - thanks Sherri!  The image on their homepage right now is really unusual (that's a good thing).

I still have more images to share with you from my Palm Springs trip, I know I've been saying that for a few posts now... but I will get them up, I swear!

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Stephanie and mustachioed gentleman at the Self-Realization Fellowship

How often do you re-evaluate your artistic process? I've realized that too much time has passed for me since I have reconsidered how I get my images from the negative to the paper. How the type of paper changes the way the image is perceived.  How I exhibit that print - framed? mounted? big? small? mat or no mat? alternative printing processes? There are so many options and I've been doing the same thing since college. I talked this over with Greg last night, he is so wonderful in the way he helps me sort out my thoughts.  There are lots of things I want to play around with, but I'm going to start with my printing and paper choices.

Maybe what I've been doing is the best approach for my work but I think that to grow as an artist and perfect my craft, I need to reevaluate this from time to time.

It's sad, but it seems since I've left college and entered the "real world", experimention and exploration of how I put my photos into the world has taken a back seat.  When I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to show my work, I stick with what works because of time and financial limitations.  I don't make prints of everything anymore like I used to, partially because I can see everything on my monitor (remember the days of only having contact sheets?!).  But it's also because I know they'll just sit in box and that seems wasteful.  Maybe it's not...maybe it is very worthwhile to keep my printing skills sharp.

I would love to hear from other photographers - what is your process? Do you make your own prints? Shoot film or digital? How are you printing? What are you printing on? Why do you chose the methods you do? Since I lost darkroom access, I have been scanning my negatives on an Epson V700 and printing on Epson Semi-Matte on a 3800.  My decision for this process was because it was the closest I felt I could get to my Endura N Surface C-prints.

I would especially like to hear paper recommendations from anyone... I want to experiment and see what's out there.  I know inkjet printing has come a LONG way.

If you have the time, shoot me an email [liz at lizcockrum dot com] or leave a comment. Maybe we can learn from each other :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Liquid Salt Interview

Liquid Salt is a new online surf magazine that recently launched - there's some very interesting content so far!  The focus is to profile individuals making a difference in surf culture, both historically and in present-day. I always find it inspiring to read about what keeps other people passionate about what they do, and I was honored that Liquid Salt contacted me for an interview! 

Check it out here when you have a chance.

Next on my photo list of things-to-do is to make prints for the upcoming show at Eric Phleger Gallery, but when I'm done with that, you can count on seeing some more fun images from Palm Springs.