i am lucky to live in paradise

i like this image because you can't see anything but nature and people enjoying it - if you look closely there are 2 people in the water, one with their arms up jumping in the wave. it's so rare that we get clouds like that here.

greg was so patient while i waited for the right moment to make this photo. thank you greg!

one of the most beautiful sunsets happened after i took this photo, including a rainbow as the sun was going down! we enjoyed it from the line-up. i felt like i caught 100 waves on my pelican pendo that session - a perfectly beautiful, fun, salty friday evening.


Greg Lantz said…
i love the people jumping. great pic. i'm glad you can't see anything but nature and people. no man made things.
This image makes me happy. That's so cool you felt like you caught 100 waves after you took this photo.

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