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from last week at julie's house. we had one frame left on the roll and she had the brilliant idea to do a self-timer shot of the two of us together. only problem is that i have this crazy german contraption as my self-timer and i hadn't quite figured it out yet. this is what resulted, which is pretty damn cool if i do say so myself:

and, for the record, i did figure out the self-timer and plan to use to make a portrait of me and greg in the next week or so. i'm going to post it on the home page of my site - and here- with an annoucement that i'm getting married and a name change is on the horizon. any artists out there have any advice for a lady like me changing her name? if so, let me know :)

i hope you have a fabulous week.


Anonymous said…
Keep your name. No paperwork.
Anonymous said…
More than an advice, I just wanted to say Congrats!! and be happy above all.


Liz said…
Thanks! I am so excited!

And, I have been dying to get rid of this last name since I was...oh about 5 years old. LOL! I can't wait to change it. Paperwork is A-OK.

My new last name will be Lantz by the way. Liz Lantz. Kind of zesty, no?
Hi, Liz!
Beautiful portraits, and I love the transparency in the self timer shot. Love, Cher
I love the motion and the double exposure. I think it really adds something to the project. Obviously you can't use it too much before it becomes gimmicky but I think that if you place them strategically through to work they add another more interesting element. The first image in this post, while it is more formal, reminds me of the earlier image of the girl riding her streetboard toward the camera. They both show energy. That is something to build on a bit. The double exposure is a cool image but less interesting than the first one. Although, the thought of inserting yourself into the image being that you are the artist and a siren yourself might have something to it... definitely has a precedence in photographic history.

Anyway, good stuff, looking forward to seeing more.
Glenn said…
Wow. These photos are fantastic. Nice job!
Hi Liz, I love your latest photos here. I changed my last name, too and it was a hard decision, in part b/c of the artist thing...but then I just went for it...and you just go forward. I also sign my work in pencil and erased my old last name on some prints. (-: Liz Lantz is so zesty!!
Greg Lantz said…
i think the first image is a really nice addition to your work. i think it is a good thing for this project to make it a bit less formal. it is surfing after all.

i think you should just change your last name all at once. they website and blog and photos will be the same so there shouldn't be too much confusion. make sure to redirect all your emails and websites and you should be all good. not just the home page too, but all the pages should be redirected to the specific pages that match. i can help you with all that.

really happy you are taking my last name. the lantz family is honored to have you.
Jess Demaria said…
I've been having the same troubles with the last name change, I just got married in May and for me the decision was so hard not only being an artist but I have always loved my last name. However, I did change it and its so weird to get used to, writing and people calling you by that name. I figure it will take time to transition over to the new name so I have just slowly been integrating the new one in and on a lot of my stuff I have just been putting my name hyphenated and that has worked well so far.

Good Luck!

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