Thursday, October 29, 2009

palm springs II

i'm working my way through all of scans and it is so much fun :)

have a lovely day!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

palm springs v1

last week, i was feeling newly inspired by the many contemporary & classic photographers i admire, and was desperate to go...somewhere.  i really wanted to throw caution to the wind and try some new things with my photography, shooting to my hearts desire.  so, greg and i decided to make a spontaneous trip to palm springs over the weekend, and that is just what i did.

one of the best parts of the weekend was getting up at dawn to make photographs. sadly, i can't tell you the last time i did that. it felt so good to just get in my car and make 100 u-turns as i explored the sleepy streets.


more images coming from this trip soon...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009


While catching up on my blogs, I read this post by Ellen Rennard, which brought to my attention the work of Chris Jordan. I know about great plastic garbage patch in the middle of our ocean, but seeing evidence like this breaks my heart.

images © chris jordan from his project, midway: message from the gyre.

Artist statement from Mr. Jordan: These photographs of albatross chicks were made just a few weeks ago on Midway Atoll, a tiny stretch of sand and coral near the middle of the North Pacific. The nesting babies are fed bellies-full of plastic by their parents, who soar out over the vast polluted ocean collecting what looks to them like food to bring back to their young. On this diet of human trash, every year tens of thousands of albatross chicks die on Midway from starvation, toxicity, and choking.

To document this phenomenon as faithfully as possible, not a single piece of plastic in any of these photographs was moved, placed, manipulated, arranged, or altered in any way. These images depict the actual stomach contents of baby birds in one of the world's most remote marine sanctuaries, more than 2000 miles from the nearest continent.

I know I'm part of the problem. I opened my fridge recently to do a plastic inventory and see what I could eliminate. It seems that nearly EVERYTHING uses plastic in some way or another - yogurt, cheese, milk, lettuce, deli meat, chicken... SO MUCH of what I eat comes in contact with plastic some way or another. And that is just in the kitchen... what about the bath products, toilet paper, paper towels, laudry soap, everything in plastic. Ugh. But I don't know/can't afford to live any other way. Milk in glass bottles is more expensive, everything outside of plastic is more expensive and I am already pinching pennies to get all the groceries I need.

I use cloth bags, glass containers for food storage, reuse and recycle as much as I can but there must be a better way. I suppose I could have a fruit/veggies/canned-food only diet, but damn it I love to cook and eat everything. Does that make me selfish?

I'd love to hear your ideas about reducing plastic consumption, or what you're already doing to minimize it. Hopefully if we all do our part, however little it may be, it'll have some positive effects.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i am lucky to live in paradise

i like this image because you can't see anything but nature and people enjoying it - if you look closely there are 2 people in the water, one with their arms up jumping in the wave. it's so rare that we get clouds like that here.

greg was so patient while i waited for the right moment to make this photo. thank you greg!

one of the most beautiful sunsets happened after i took this photo, including a rainbow as the sun was going down! we enjoyed it from the line-up. i felt like i caught 100 waves on my pelican pendo that session - a perfectly beautiful, fun, salty friday evening.

it's almost here!

Halloween is just around the corner! What is your costume going to be?

I debuted my zombie costume at the Technomania Zombie Circus over the weekend. The circus took place at the Center for Amusing Arts, and let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC! I highly recommend you check them out if you get the chance.

Before I went to the circus, my friend Stephanie and I made some photos. Another last-frame-of-the-roll double exposure. I am really liking these:

Happy October to you. This time of year is beautiful just about everywhere :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

a few more

from last week at julie's house. we had one frame left on the roll and she had the brilliant idea to do a self-timer shot of the two of us together. only problem is that i have this crazy german contraption as my self-timer and i hadn't quite figured it out yet. this is what resulted, which is pretty damn cool if i do say so myself:

and, for the record, i did figure out the self-timer and plan to use to make a portrait of me and greg in the next week or so. i'm going to post it on the home page of my site - and here- with an annoucement that i'm getting married and a name change is on the horizon. any artists out there have any advice for a lady like me changing her name? if so, let me know :)

i hope you have a fabulous week.

Friday, October 2, 2009

new work for sirens

still not totally feeling the photo thing these days, but i'm forcing myself to get out there and make some photos. i'm trying to make more details shots but end up liking the portraits significantly more. i guess i just need to follow my eye, lens, heart, inspiration, and make whatever photos feel right.

oh, and if the shelf detail looks familiar, you're not crazy. the first version of that was shot digitally, the one above was made on film. i like it much better.

more are on the way but now i must slumber my way to dreamtown ... good night!

into the sun