while drifting through the blogosphere i found the website for Orba Squara.

Daaaaamn! It's really excellent. i am especially taken by the typography treatment.

i was under the impression that today i would be able to get free self-inking stamp. i was so excited at the prospect of having something i could stamp on anything! inspired by the orba squara site, i made this:

as it turns out, i am not able to get a free self-inking stamp, so my stamp will never live up to it's awesome potential. well, at least not today. but i thought instead of letting it sit in my junk drawer folder on my desktop, i would give it a home here.

and no, you are not mistaken - that IS a happy sandwich man smiling at you in the corner :)


Hello, Happy Sandwich Man!
i wonder what can i happy sandwich man he is. i think i see some lettuce. either way, the happy sandwich man IS an awesome happy sandwich man!

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