guess what?

this month has been the best month in liz history:

for starters, i'm getting married!! the love of my life, greg, proposed to me just before my birthday on july 11th. it was honestly the best day of my life - he popped the big Q after a long hike to a remote beach on santa cruz island... perfect :)

additionally, i had work hanging in 2 excellent galleries in the month of July: Joseph Bellows Gallery and Eric Phleger Gallery. The show at Joseph Bellows' is up until August 29, so go see it if you haven't yet!

i also got my first custom longboard last weekend, just in time for the awesome swell that graced Cardiff. it was SO MUCH FUN! Steve Pendarvis at Pendoflex was the genius who crafted the most amazing board I've ever ridden.

and finally, i had work published in not one, but two magazines. there is a new feature in drift magazine with more pictures from the dear and yonder photo shoot below. see below for the most-photos-by-liz-published in one issue! it is so fun to see so many of my photos grace the pages of Organic Gardening.

the big day is january 16, 2010, so i am caught in a whirlwind of wedding-ness. i never pegged myself to be a girl into wedding planning, but sure enough... i am. as a result, my photo hiatus continues... sad, i know. but i am inspired by other things at the moment. i will be back!


Greg Lantz said…
so proud of your work in Organic Gardening mag. Really beautiful shots.
Liz, we really enjoyed seeing your photographs in Organic Gardening of the cacti and other flora. Thanks for sharing!
Stephanie Dana said…
wow, those images came out so nice. congrats all around on everything you are doing.
borntoloser said…
congratulations on all accounts!
Don Sheffler said…
Liz - fellow San Diegan who has taken a liking to your photography. I just had to comment because my wife and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary on January 16, 2010. Great Day.
WOW Liz! The magazine looks AWESOME! Congrats. I am so excited about LIFE for you! Miss you

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