Thursday, July 23, 2009

guess what?

this month has been the best month in liz history:

for starters, i'm getting married!! the love of my life, greg, proposed to me just before my birthday on july 11th. it was honestly the best day of my life - he popped the big Q after a long hike to a remote beach on santa cruz island... perfect :)

additionally, i had work hanging in 2 excellent galleries in the month of July: Joseph Bellows Gallery and Eric Phleger Gallery. The show at Joseph Bellows' is up until August 29, so go see it if you haven't yet!

i also got my first custom longboard last weekend, just in time for the awesome swell that graced Cardiff. it was SO MUCH FUN! Steve Pendarvis at Pendoflex was the genius who crafted the most amazing board I've ever ridden.

and finally, i had work published in not one, but two magazines. there is a new feature in drift magazine with more pictures from the dear and yonder photo shoot below. see below for the most-photos-by-liz-published in one issue! it is so fun to see so many of my photos grace the pages of Organic Gardening.

the big day is january 16, 2010, so i am caught in a whirlwind of wedding-ness. i never pegged myself to be a girl into wedding planning, but sure enough... i am. as a result, my photo hiatus continues... sad, i know. but i am inspired by other things at the moment. i will be back!

Friday, July 10, 2009

dear and yonder

ok, i have been photographing a little during my hiatus. tiffany morgan campbell and andria lessler were in town last week for the premiere of their new kick-ass movie, dear & yonder. thanks to my friend joe conway, i had the opportunity to make some portraits of these lovely ladies.

their film is really inspiring and shows women in surfing in a way i've never seen before. i left the theater feeling full of adventure and stoke - too bad it was after dark or i would've jumped straight into the ocean. learn more about dear and yonder here.

there are many more images from the photo shoot; stay tuned and i will let you know when they appear alongside an interview for the launch of Drift Magazine and also on surfline. of course i will post them here too...

have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exhibition: Joseph Bellows Gallery

Aloha friends!

I'm still on a brief hiatus from making photographs and instead enjoying time with family, friends, and nature. I'll be back soon but in the meantime, you should know my work will be in a group show opening July 11th and running through August 29th.

I am so honored to have my work hanging on the walls of Joseph Bellows Gallery, especially alongside photographers such as Alex Webb, Edward Sturr and Virginia Beahan. Below is the official press release. I hope you can make it out to see the exhibition while it's up.

July 11 - August 29, 2009
Opening Reception: July 11, 5 - 8 pm

We are pleased to announce that a summer group exhibition will open July 11th with an opening reception from 5 – 8 pm. The exhibition will run through August 29th.

The exhibition will include two contemporary San Diego photographers: Bill Rastetter and Liz Cockrum. Rastetter's ongoing Seascapes Series, which consists of images shot in La Jolla, California and Hawaii, captures the ocean at night. Using 4 x 5 inch color transparency film and time lapse photography, with exposures lasting between one and eight minutes, the oceans become more abstractions than literal landscapes. The loss of wave structure creates an abstraction that one might ordinarily associate with a watercolor painting rather than a photograph. Rastetter's minimal and often surreal seascapes capture views of the ocean not normally accessible to the naked eye.

Liz Cockrum's ongoing series called Sirens focuses on the lifestyle and culture of female surfers. By documenting women in spaces outside of the water, Cockrum's images go beyond the typical representation of women in surfing and show the softer side of surf culture. Her photographs show how this culture is infused it into her subjects' daily lives and personal spaces. Like Cockrum, photographer Joni Sternbach makes portraits celebrating surfers and surf culture. Combining a 19th-century process of tintype with a contemporary subject, Sternbach's surfer subjects, photographed on the beach or near the water, seem both current and timeless.

We will also feature work from Virginia Beahan's recent book CUBA: singing with bright tears, which is the culmination of the artist's seven-year project photographing the social and political landscape of Cuba.

Also included in the exhibition are vintage prints of beach landscapes by Brett Weston and Paul Capongiro and photographs of Coney Island in the 1960s by Stephen Salmieiri. Photographs by Alex Webb, Chip Hooper, Edward Sturr, William Dassonville, and Pirkle Jones will also be included.

Joseph Bellows Gallery
7661 Girard Avenue
La Jolla, CA 92037
858-456-5620 (t)
858-456-5621 (f)

image above © Joni Sternbach, Ditch Plains, Montauk, #3 Gillian, 2007, unique tintype, 8 x 10 inches